Anybox APT packages for Debian based distributions

In these public repositories, you’ll find resources and helpers, mostly related to Odoo (formerly OpenERP) brought to the public by Anybox.

We maintain these resources primarily for ourselves and our clients, but you are most welcome to use them, especially if you let us know about it.


Here’s how the repository is organized.


In this distribution, packages meant to support at once a very wide range of Debian and derivatives (such as Ubuntu), with little impact on your system. These are mostly dependencies on mainline packages, that’s why they all are in the “main” component.


This holds packages bringing behaviour (structure and utilities), in a cross-distribution manner.

Historically, most of the software did lie in this distribution. With the passing of time, more and more has been moved to the more precise anybox-wheezy, anybox-jessie, anybox-trusty, etc.

The packages are all in the “contrib” component.


Debian 9 (stretch) specific utilities


Debian 8 (jessie) specific utilities


Debian 7 (wheezy) specific utilities

This is severely deprecated.

anybox-testing, anybox-stretch-testing, etc.

Each of the above distributions has a “-testing” counterpart, which should be the same, albeit with versions under qualification. If you’re hooking to them and report issues, you’re helping us, thank you !

How to hook your system

  1. Import Anybox master signing key:

    sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 0xE38CEB07


    there is currently concern about possible collision attacks on

    32-bits shortened GPG keys fingerprints. Please check the full fingerprint, e.g., like this:

    $ sudo apt-key finger | grep -A2 E38CEB07
    pub   4096R/E38CEB07 2012-06-23
    Key fingerprint = 37B3 393F A434 3C4A 1522  6DB6 A9F6 10E5 E38C EB07
    uid                  Anybox Packagers <>

    If you see more that one matching key, please export the offending key for later analysis, untrust it and contact us!

    The key servers can sometimes be overloaded. In that case, wait a few minutes and try again. Alternatively, you may want to download the key from our website and install it directly:

    sudo apt-key add anybox_packagers.asc

    Later on, most packages have a lax dependency on anybox-keyring, which takes care of replacing the key if needed, and installing secondary keys.

  2. Put the following sources in your /etc/apt/sources.list, or, better, in a separate file such as /etc/apt/sources.list.d/anybox.list:

    deb common main
    deb anybox contrib

    If you’re running Debian Stretch, add this line:

    deb anybox-stretch contrib

    If you’re running Debian Jessie, add this line:

    deb anybox-jessie contrib
  3. Then don’t forget to refresh the list of available packages:

    sudo aptitude update
  4. Then you should be set to actually install something, for example:

    sudo aptitude install anybox-odoo-host

Packages documentation

All packages have the standard /usr/share/doc/PACKAGE/ directory with these files:

  • changelog.Debian.gz
  • copyright
  • Some have a html subdirectory.

Some highlights

provide the needed system-wide libraries to build a run a custom Odoo installation as a buildout or in a virtualenv. See also the original annoncement
complete mutualized server environment, for Odoo based on zc.buildout.
repackaged (not even recompiled) to change the version number so that it can be hosted on this site.


The general case

All packages provided by Anybox are upgradable within a given major distribution version. Most packages are also upgradable across major distribution versions (going for instance from Debian 6 to 7, then 8). Exceptions are listed below.

This does not mean you should test it thoroughly. The bigger the upgrade the more testing it should undergo.


anybox-odoo-host is not upgradeable from Debian 7 (wheezy) to Debian 8 (jessie). This is materialized by Jessie versions being in the 2.x series, while Wheezy versions will stay on 1.x (and maybe get some backports).

There are currently no plans to provide such an upgrade, because at this time, we simply don’t have the need, redeploying on a fresh or upgraded server is good enough for us. We don’t have any hostility against the upgradability per se, and would probably consider contributions or sponsorship towards this favorably.